Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Applying for Jobs

Right now I have been applying to Grad School and to looking around for jobs as well.  I am of the belief that it's all about quantity when I go to apply for the next great step in life.  When I got my internship at AMX last year, it was the last of about 30-some odd applications that I made.  In my photography business, we talk to as many people as we can about our business and what is going on. I have applied to three grad schools and considering a fourth.  Etc.

This isn't to say one should settle for a job they hate, but that you should look for many jobs that you could enjoy or may even learn to enjoy.  Applying to a lot of places is time well spent, and they shouldn't cost you any money anyways.  This is a different story for grad schools, but I feel just as strongly about it, albeit I apply to fewer.

Here are a few websites that I find helpful!

LDS Jobs - This is the LDS Church's website for members looking for jobs.  My dad is a regional representative in Florida for Church employment services, and always recommends signing up here.

LinkedIn - If you don't already have an account here, get one.  Even if you have a job, this is a great place to maintain a network of professionals and participate in a community of like-minded individuals.

Facebook - Love it or hate it, you cannot deny the networking power of friends.  Here is an article arguing on favor of Social networking and gives some tips on effectively doing it.  The best advice I have received here is this:  When letting people know that you are looking for a job, don't approach it as you would laying out a blanket on the park lawn:  Wide and shallow.  Rather do it with a focus on a single company or a single job, the more focused the better.  This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but if you have a large network of friends, chances are someone will know someone who has a job there.  Especially if you have kept in contact with college buddies or high school buddies from a few years ago:  The reason being they have probably moved away and within one or two friends you can arrive at any state and several countries.  Try it!

These are the websites that I am working with right now.  I hope this can benefit someone out there!

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