Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 2 of the Seattle Expedition

Day 2 of the Seattle Expedition was much better for several reasons:

First, I didn't have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to go catch a bus down to Utah: definitely an improvement.  

Second, we got to visit some much cooler companies:  Nordstrom, Fresh Consulting, and Microsoft to name the ones that most impressed me.  Each had their own culture and mentality that was hard to miss, and each were cordial and a pleasure to work with in turn.  I definitely felt like the best fit for me was either at Microsoft or Fresh Consulting; Microsoft having a very competitive and intelligent nature, while Fresh Consulting and terrific work ethic and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.  

Mike from Fresh Consulting was very transparent, and in everything he did he sought to instill in us the attributes and the lessons that helped him in his path to success.  He was very transparent, trusting of us, and humble.  He started his little talk by telling a 10-minute version of his life and the most important moments therein:  The passing of his first wife to cancer, and the joy and renewal he found in marrying and bearing more children.  I appreciated his speaking with us and being so clearly moved by pictures he showed us, without making us uncomfortable because it was a lesson in transparency:  be the first to trust and to put your feelings and emotions on the line.  He spoke mostly of the movement in social media and how important it is to become an active participant in that realm through producing and interacting with others.  He told many stories of doors opening to him because he reached out.  The principle he emphasized the most was to be exactly who you are online as you are in real life, because people want to connect with people.

He also mentioned a book:  Never Eat Alone, so Justin and I tried to do that tonight.  (Sushi, yum!)

He was a pleasure to listen to, and I felt like it was a good reminder to write in my blog.  :-)

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